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Rate moments by giving people Jellys.

How it works

Users download Jealus, and take pictures of their most envied activities. Their friends and the community rates them with Jellys.

Jelly Countdown

5 hits & you’re crowned. 30–you’re Jelly gold.

Give your Jellys captions & categories, then send them to your followers.And how about crowning others? You can browse all the Jellys you receive. The more followers, the more crowns, so it’s fun to be public.
Photos start fresh every 24 hours, but wait…

Your Royal Trophy Room

Where you rack up crowns & followers
Photos start fresh every day, but your personal trophy room keeps track of your fame. What’s your best category? Maybe stock up on Cool Stuff. Have an Adventure. Find more Moments. Capture some Funnys.

Jealus is a hip community, so go public! You can visit public trophy rooms and follow each other. You can also invite your contacts at any time.

Join the Beta

Jealus is currently under development, and we need your help to make its experience the best.
If you would like to try it out and help us via feedback, please leave us your information below.

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